*A* EDC Course

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*A* EDC Course


You asked for it and here it is. Come challenge yourself with our Advanced Everyday Carry Course!

Ever wonder if what you carry everyday will hold up in a fight? Bring it out and put it to the test! This course will be physically and mentally challenging!

First day

  • Shooting on the move.
  • Shoot Don’t Shoot Scenarios
  • Strong hand only
  • Support hand only

Second Day

  • Mass crowd
  • Shooting from different positions
  • Manipulating Cover and Concealment
  • Close quarter fighting
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Course Cost is $300 per student for 2 day course.  ($275 for Apache Alumni)


  • Students must be 21 years of age or older
  • Students must have a valid CCH permit or have already taken the course prior to enrolling in this course.
  • Students should be comfortable drawing from an open/concealed holster
  • Students must have a *quality* handgun, holster, extra magazine, and magazine holster.
  • Ammunition needed for class: 600 rounds
  • Must bring Hearing and Eye protection.  (Preferably electronic ear protection)
  • This is a physical course. Students will be expected to run and shoot from multiple positions. 
  • This is an everyday carry course. You may wear what you want but do not cheat yourself. We advise you to come prepared for both open and concealed carry.