Tim joined the Marine Corps in 2005. He deployed with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2009 and again in 2010 as the emergency response unit for the earthquake in Haiti. In 2011, he deployed to Afghanistan as a Squad Leader where he was wounded in combat by a grenade explosion. Tim completed his tour of duty and led Marines in Southern Afghanistan despite his injuries. Upon returning home, Tim spent nearly one year recovering with physical therapy and rehabilitation. He was medically retired from the Marine Corps in 2013 and began pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Tim completed his Associates degree in 2016 and realized that he had a passion for instructing Firearms courses.

Tim treasures his memories and duty in the United States Marine Corps and, like most veterans, misses it every day. He has pursued a lifelong journey of learning and has an innate ability and desire to lead. Apache Solutions has provided Tim with the ability to lead and shape others as a civilian. He will share his knowledge and provide you with the fundamentals necessary to improve your marksmanship and address threats should they ever arise. Tim understands that a simple eight-hour course and a NC CCH permit allows you to legally conceal carry a handgun in North Carolina. However, it does not prepare you for a use of deadly force incident. The one thing that will keep you safe is EDUCATION and TRAINING.

Tim believes that fairness and transparency are critical. He wants his students to have options in developing the appropriate course structure for the best outcomes. Apache Solutions provides several different training packages, but he believes that students should be able to commit to only 1 class. This provides the student with the ability to determine areas for improvement and what their true training needs are. The end state of all courses with Apache Solutions is for students to know that they have the knowledge and training to carry a handgun with confidence. Apache Solutions is dedicated to the satisfaction of its’ students. If a student feels as if their experience was not to the level outlined in a course description a full refund will be issued.

At Apache Solutions, we strive to deliver superior training for everyone from beginner to advanced shooters. Tim Kelly, Owner and Chief Instructor, served for nearly eight years with in United States Marine Corps Infantry and has over 12 years of firearms training experience. His certifications consist of numerous Marine Corps firearms qualifications and Black belt in Marine Corps Mixed Martial Arts. Tim is a Certified NRA instructor for pistol, rifle, personal protection in the home and Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He is also certified by the North Carolina Department of Justice to instruct North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun courses.

Tim and Greg at their first GSSF Outdoor Competition 

Tim and Greg at their first GSSF Outdoor Competition 

Greg Sidden

Greg grew up in Elkin, NC and has resided there his entire life
Graduated from Appalachian State University in 1993 with degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

After completing college, Greg found himself in the insurance business and has worked and managed the Farm Bureau Insurance Agency in Jonesville, NC for the past 22 years

Greg purchased a Colt 1911 in 1990 and took it straight to an IDPA steel plate match in Boone, NC and was instantly hooked on competition shooting and has competed off and on for the past 27 years with Defensive Pistol match shooting as well as several Glock series matches and he also has experience competitively shooting at 1000 yard benchrest factory class rifle.

Greg is Ceritfied by the NCDOJ to teach NC Concealed Carry Handgun courses and is certified by the NRA as a Cheif Range Safety Officer and to instruct Basic Pistol courses. Greg is now certified as a Glock Armorer and practices this skill almost daily.

We look forward to meeting you and hope to learn just as much from our students as they do from Apache Solutions!